Yasu Tanaka


Yasu has over 14 years experience working oversea countries, USA (LA),  Australia (Brisbane) and Germany (Dusseldorf) (and another 14years in Japan), At the moment, Yasu basically work in Australia, and every other months I come back to Sapporo and Tokyo to work .

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15 years of experience in Japan and qualified in both Japanese and Australian hairdressing, I am more than ready to listen your hair concerns and solve any problems you might be experiencing. I’d lived in Brisbane since 2002 and worked in well-known Australian salon for 4 years before opening my own salon in Brisbane. With numerous 1st place awards won in Japanese hairdressing competitions (five times), I am able to use skills I gained in Japan to provide you with the services for every need for your hair. I came back to Japan in Oct 2012 .

Caucasian/European Hair?

Going out tonight!
Going out tonight!
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I had over 10years Experience as a Hairdresser in Japan, However I recognised that the theory of Western Hair is so different from Japanese one.

Therefore I have got a Certificate in Hairdressing in Australia (same as England Certificate License). I hardly studied English, and pass an exam, then entered Hairdressing course in Australia. My trainer was from London, I learnt lots of skills and knowledge of Western Country.

Also I worked at one of high class salon for 4years in Australia. My skill is all good mix up Japanese and Western way. G’day mate!

Specialist of Japanese Straightening system


Yasu has lots of experience a Thermal Ionic Straightening system, both of Asian hair and Caucasian hair, even african hair as well!

If you are a hairdresser, and want to learn Straightening system, please contact me! I can teach for you!!

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Asian Hair? – Yes! Of course!

I have won lots of competition in Japan. I was the best hairdresser in Sapporo City 5 times. Every time when I go back to Japan, I give some lecture for students in Hairdressing Collage. I have always been updating the New Japanese style, even I was in oversea counties. I had so many Asian clients, such as Chinese, Taiwanese, Singaporean, Malaysian, Indonesian, Thai and so on. I’ve just started studying Mandarin (Chinese).

My Class
My Class
Lecturing at a Hairdressing School
Lecturing at an University in AUstralia